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Our Story

We are a group of passionate salmon game fishing buddies . We love the sport and everything to do with it. Like you, every year we wait anxiously for the start of the fishing season, for the chance to wet the flies in our favourite rivers. Like you, we are constantly looking for new destinations and experiences. We are always on the look out for new materials and trends. And like you, we make the most of every second we spend salmon fishing.

The truth is we couldn’t find an online platform on which to share and discuss all our cool fishing experiences season after season. Armed with ideas, a firm passion and dedicated work we decided to set up one ourselves, with the aim of giving users and brands a unique experience.

But honestly, the main reason for building this site is to have FUN because we are just SALMONIZED!


We are a team of decicated professionals, ready to salmonized with you


Our Goal

We have created a space ONLY FOR PEOPLE LIKE US. A place where the only language we speak and the only air we breathe is that of the salmon, where nothing can distract us from our passion. A place where the people we meet are just like us, anglers that have been SALMONIZED!

To do this we have created an exclusive web platform that connects salmon anglers from all five continents. A platform on which we can all share information on everything related to salmon fishing and where we discover things we never thought existed!

THE unique platform for all salmon fishing lovers

A place to be SALMONIZED



We live salmonized, our minds always on the go, thinking about the next river, the next beat, looking for new fishing mates and visualizing our next big capture.

It´s a fact that we can´t fish as much as we would want to. We calm this additction with Salmonized. Our space provides a unique platform for all salmon fishing lovers, connecting all of us to the angling companies that provide all we need . A platform where, with just one click, we are able to access anything and everything.

A place to be SALMONIZED.

A large part of our work solves our clients challenges through our professional services.


Brand list

We link the salmon angler directly with the manufacturers of angling equipment and fishing tackle in order to provide an improved and unique fishing experience.


Next Adventure…

Are you looking for a new fishing destination? We help you to connect with the best worldwide fishing lodges and outfitters.


Find the best…

Our website links the angler to the specialist online retailers, improving your shopping experience with just one click.

Ready to be salmonized?


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Life for fishing!!!

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